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When someone’s upset, I don’t tell them

"oh things will be okay"

"it’ll get better" 

"everything happens for a reason" 

No. Fuck that. I bet they heard that already by the first people that they spilled their problems to. I bet they heard that, memorized it, and is sick and tired of it. 

I’m going to remind them of their strength. Their strength of what they had overcome so far. Remind them that they are a beautiful human being and it is OKAY to deal with a hardship with however they want to deal with it. Remind them of their inner strength, give them the hope and courage back in their hands that they are capable of getting through the ordeal and that I will be by their side but remind them that they don’t necessarily need me. 

I’ll remind them that their strength and courage inspires me. 

i’ll remind them that their moments that they consider weak encourages me because of how they are still persistent even at their darkest times

I’ll remind them that I’m goddamn proud of them. Proud of them for being so strong and resilient because if I was in their position, I’ll bitch and cry about it to everyone I meet.  

I’ll do all of this and more. 

anything but, “oh things will be okay” no 

I will tell them however that their mind is stronger than the pain or struggle that is hurting them and they will make it through. 

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Posted 9 months ago

I made my first GIF after having to browse through countless of youtube tutorial videos (I’m simple minded, don’t judge me) , googling up how to open up certain things on photoshop cs5, and how to download videos and resizing everything. 

I already posted up my first GIF and it looks better than I expected. 

I had no idea what I was doing.

Hopefully I will get better, so expect more gifs from me from my tv shows. Or I’ll just make a random gif and slap a random caption on it. Hm. 

I have been MIA on my personal text posts, so expect your dashboard to be full of my original posts (not reblogs) tonight or tomorrow. 

I hope everyone is doing well. <3 

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Posted 2 years ago

Someone’s past does not define who they are as an individual. Their past is not a reflection of them, but a reflection of their mistakes, obstacles, and hardships that they had to endure in order to be the person that they are today. 

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